The ECOS-300CY ™ sorbent cartridge is approved in the European Union for the removal of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators during ex vivo organ perfusion.  It is a high flow, low resistance technology that easily integrates into the organ perfusate flow.  The purpose of the therapy is to help preserve healthy organs and/or to restore the functioning of marginal ones, by reducing these circulating toxins and creating a more favorable environment to help organs to recover.

Viable organs for transplant are scarce and the number of patients awaiting transplant continues to grow globally, with more than 150,000 candidates awaiting for transplant in Europe alone. In 2019, 41,000 patients received solid organ transplants in the EU, while 48,000 new patients were added to the transplant list and approximately 4% (or 6,000) died waiting for a transplant.

Organ preservation and reconditioning is a primary means of increasing organ availability. The lack of adequate oxygenation, the unavailability of nutrients and the presence of inflammatory mediators can cause organ damage with consequent post-transplant complications. The ability to provide high-quality organs that can quickly restart their function in the recipient is an important factor in the success of organ transplantation.

“The ECOS-300CY cartridge is now available in the European Union, also under the brand name PerSorb™, sold in conjunction with PerLife™ perfusion platform by our partner Aferetica”.