CytoSorbents has developed a robust and valuable product pipeline based upon its biocompatible, porous polymer bead technology platform. These products take advantage of the ability of the beads to remove a wide variety of substances from blood and other physiologic fluids to address major unmet medical needs.


  • CytoSorb® an extracorporeal cytokine adsorber approved in the European Union designed to help control deadly inflammation and prevent or treat organ failure in life-threatening conditions seen in the ICU as well as during cardiac surgery

In Development

  • HemoDefend™ – is a class of blood filtration technologies designed to reduce non-infectious contaminants in blood transfusion products that can cause potentially fatal transfusion reactions while improving the quality of blood. This includes products being developed for packed red blood cells, universal plasma, and other blood products
  • CytoSorb-XL – an expected future successor to CytoSorb® that also incorporates lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxin removal seen in Gram negative infections
  • Potassium Binder – a novel potassium binding porous sorbent designed to rapidly treat life-threatening severe hyperkalemia commonly seen in severe trauma, burn injury, tumor lysis syndrome, and others, particularly when kidney function is compromised
  • ContrastSorb – is designed to remove intravenous radiocontrast dye (IV contrast) from blood administered during interventional radiology procedures (e.g. coronary angiograms for heart disease), or computed axial tomography imaging procedures (i.e. CT or CAT scans) to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy or kidney failure in high risk patients
  • DrugSorb – is designed to rapidly clear toxic drugs from blood, such as in drug overdose or in regional chemotherapy for cancer treatment
  • BetaSorb – is designed to improve standard dialysis in end-stage renal disease patients by removing mid-molecular weight toxins such as beta2-microglobulin that are not adequately removed by hemodialysis or hemofiltration