CytoSorbents has developed an exciting product development pipeline based upon its novel biocompatible porous polymer bead technology platform.  These include:

Commercialized in 68 countries worldwide:

CytoSorb® – Controlling deadly inflammation by reducing cytokines, toxins, bilirubin, myoglobin, and other inflammatory mediators in the blood of critically-ill or cardiac surgery patients.  CE Mark Approved.  Undergoing two U.S. pivotal trials in cardiothoracic surgery:  the STAR-T trial for the removal of the antithrombotic agent, ticagrelor, and the  REFRESH 2-AKI, targeting U.S. approval.

Under Development:

  • HemoDefend™ – Improving the quality and safety of the blood supply by reducing antibodies, cytokines, free hemoglobin, bioactive lipids, and other contaminants that can  cause transfusion reactions and adverse events..  Nearing a U.S. pivotal trial that is designed to support U.S. FDA approval
  • CytoSorb-XL – Represents the next generation of CytoSorb, that includes the ability to remove lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxin
  • K+ontrol – Designed to treat severe hyperkalemia by reducing excessive potassium from blood
  • ContrastSorb –  Removes intravenous imaging contrast from the blood of patients undergoing CT scans and/or interventional radiology procedures in order to reduce the risk of contrast dye-induced nephropathy and kidney failure
  • DrugSorb – Targets the improvement of outcomes in drug overdose by actively removing drugs and medications from the blood
  • Others

CytoSorbents has established relationships with industry-leading partners including Fresenius, B Braun, Terumo, and Biocon.

fresenius_medical_care-svg new-terumo-logo-eps-vector-image-800x533 Biocon

CytoSorbents seeks partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders in a variety of different verticals, including blood purification, critical care and acute care medicine, cardiac surgery, immunotherapy, and others.

For Partnering Inquiries, please contact:
Chris Cramer
Vice President
Business Development
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